Welcome to my portfolio!

Hey, I'm
Olof Segergren a Software developer an IT Security enthusiast

I'm a Software developer with a big interest in programming, IT Security, and computer hardware. I program a lot in my spare time and for Open Source projects like RePlays.

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Projects I have created and participated in

Security Vulnerability Reports

Sensitive Data Exposure - September, 2023

A public endpoint allowed searches for addresses, first names, and last names of Swedish children based on their personnummer (social security number). Additionally, it could be determined whether an individual had 'skyddad identitet' (protected identity) or not.

Insecure Direct Object References - February, 2023

Gym Capacity Manipulation Vulnerability in SATS Gym Management System API allowed unauthorized users to modify gym capacity values via an internal API endpoint. This information was displayed on their website and in the app used by their 700 000 members.



Junior Software DeveloperFolksam


Currently working in team Folksams Finest on modernising older web applications from the ground up using technologies such as Java 17, Springboot 3, Openshift, and ArgoCD.


Internship with focus on IT security & DevOpsMartin & Servera


Key projects during my Internship at Martin & Servera:

  • Distinguish strategic IT security and Operational IT security and how they interact.
  • The impact of data protection regulations on the company.
  • The relationship between IT security and data protection (GDPR).
  • IT security and programming in agile teams.
  • IT security in the cloud.
  • Azure Fundamentals Certification
  • Programming in C#
  • Creating dashboards in Power BI


CO-founder & IT managerSVIT


Co-founder & IT manager. SVIT is the union section for those who study Information Systems and Digital Business Development. We work to ensure that students get as much as possible out of their study time. I plan, lead and develop IT Infrastructure for the section and take care of the social media (Instagram, Discord, Facebook).



Information SystemsUppsala Universitet


Bachelor's program in Information Systems at Uppsala Universitet. Courses includes programming, databases, data analytics and visualization, IT Security and project management approaches and frameworks.

Programming courses: C#, Java, Javascript, SQL, IT Security, Android development, Algorithms and data structures, Architecture and design patterns.


Engineering SciencesÖsteråkers Gymnasium


Improved my knowledge and skills in technology, programming, computer science, physics, and mathematics.

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